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As a registered customer of SYNTHESIS ESTATES you can enjoy personalized services that make the management of your project more efficient. The benefits of your account include:

  • Monitoring of all the phases of the project
  • Faster and more effective communication
  • A user-friendly project management platform tailor made for the needs of your project
  • Use of a specialized Calendar, Appointments, and Quick Notes option
  • Direct interaction with the different partners working on your project
  • Ability to monitor multiple projects at the same time
  • The possibility to see up to date pictures and videos related to your project
  • The Library section, where your documents are archived and safely kept with utmost confidentiality

Locations - Greek Islands

  • 5th biggest island of Greece
  • 904 square kilometers of surface
  • 213 Km of coast
  • Around 50,000 inhabitants

  • 3rd biggest island of Greece
  • 1,636 square kilometers of surface
  • 371 Km of coast
  • Around 85,000 inhabitants

  • 8th biggest island of Greece
  • 476 square kilometers of surface
  • 260 Km of coast
  • Around 17,000 inhabitants