Land Plot - Lesvos - Polichnitos - Skamioudi

ID: L-S-104
Land Plot very close to the sea at Polichnitos area available for sale.

This is a Land Plot of 5600 sq.m. at Polichnitos area. A very important fact is that it is located just 70 m. away from the sea in a quite remote place offering a great view of the bay of Kalloni. It is a flat and clean plot with the ability for a house of 230 sq.m. to be constructed, so it is ideal for a family stay. Nearby there are several small coastal settlements like Skamioudi and Skala Polichnitou with beautiful beaches and cafeterias, perfect for the summer period. Also, the bigger villages of Lisvori and Polichnitos with all their amenities can provide many comforts. Furthermore you can visit the saltpans that are just 700 m. away and the thermal springs of Polichnitos that can guarantee moments of relaxation. In general, this property combines several different features and is interesting in many aspects.

Island: Lesvos
Category: Land
Within Settlement: No
By the Sea: Yes
Remote Area: Yes
View: Yes