Land Plot - Lesvos - Eresos

ID: L-S-08
Investment property of 5700 sq.m. at Skala Eresou for sale.

Land plot of about 5700 sq.m. for sale at Skala Eresou with a great view of the sea. This is an investment property suitable for touristic purposes that can easily connect with the electricity and telephone network. It is located next to the sea and about 7.5 km from Petrified Forest of Lesvos at Sigri. Nearby there is a big hotel facility as well as several smaller ones that host many visitors.

Skala Eresou is one of the most visited places of the island during the summer. The beach that extends up to 3 km. has very clean waters and has won the blue flag award many times. In the area, there is an archeological museum with unique findings, the ancient acropolis, which is now a hill covered with pine trees, and several churches that make Skala Eresou a very interesting place.

Island: Lesvos
Category: Land
Within Settlement: No
Facing Street: Yes
By the Sea: Yes
View: Yes
Legal check: Uncompleted