Land Plot - Lesvos - Kalloni

ID: L-S-60
Investment property with the ability to build many sq.m. for hotel, bangallows etc. in Arisvi village for sale.

This is a Land Plot of 11000 sq.m. at Kalloni area. The property that can be divided into 12 smaller plots, is located on the boundaries of Arisvi village with a part of 4500 sq.m.,  being out of the village. It is an investment property where a hotel, rooms to let and other constructions for touristic purposes, can be built. In the property there is also a water well, that can maintain a garden in order to improve the landscaping. Currently, it is used as agricultural land and contains a greenhouse of 650 sq.m. and three old ground floor warehouses that are in need of repair.

It is very close to Kalloni village and half an hour drive away from the city of Mytilini. Being on the center of the island gives easy access to many interesting sites of Lesvos, like Molyvos, Antissa, and Eresos. Kalloni, on the other hand, is the second biggest town on the island with many shops and other amenities that can provide all the comforts to the owner.

Island: Lesvos
Category: Land
Within Settlement: Yes
Facing Street: Yes
Well: Yes
Legal check: Uncompleted