Our Principles and Values

Our meritorious reputation has been built on our principles and values for nearly a decade now.

Based on these and without compromise we turn your DREAM into reality.

We believe in:

Doing business as a team

Our work is multidisciplinary therefore requiring a team of different professions. SYNTHESIS Estates has a network of trusted contacts and experienced professionals who collaborate with each other within the area of the North Aegean Region and for real estate services throughout Greece


Respecting the environment

We take pride in being an environmentally aware company.
We use environmentally–friendly practices where applicable.


Ethical business practice

For us this means implementing only transparent procedures,

Being efficient, doing our best to complete our assignments in the shortest time possible

Always working with utmost confidentiality

Fully informing our clients about the rights and obligations of Greek property owners

Giving continual up-dates on the progress of assigned projects

Approaching every project with creativity and high aesthetics

We are also careful to harmoniously blend a building structure with the natural environment of the surrounding region as well as take into account the unique heritage and culture of the area it is in.

and finally adding…..

More enjoyment to your life!

Our services result in raising your living standards and facilitate an improved quality of lifestyle.
In other words, make your dream come true.