SYNTHESIS Estates offers services in four different fields:

a.    Property search, acquisition and sales which includes 

Real Estate services

Legal Services

Accounting including tax authority information and obligations

Notary services

Assessment and Certification of Energy Performance

Forestry Authority

Translation services



b.    Property Development which includes services in:

Architectural Planning

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Assessment and Certification of Energy Performance

Construction – Restoration – Renovation

Interior Designing


Legal Services


c.    Property Management and Maintenance which includes:

Real Estate services for Property Management i.e. renting out  property, payment of bills during owner’s absence, security, and miscellaneous technical checks

Accounting Services

Legal Services

Maintenance - monitoring and maintenance of equipment, swimming pool, garden etc.

Repairs (small-scale e.g. plumbing)

Advice on further development


d.    Estate settlements which includes:

        Legal Services

Accounting Services

Professional, experienced administration of your assets

Locating legal documents/assessing fiduciary responsibility

Professional income and estate tax coordination and completion

Gathering/safeguarding/valuation of assets for estate purposes and determining proper ownership (financial/real estate/personal assets)

Coordinating payment of claims and debts of the estate

Financial accounting to and communication with beneficiaries if requested

Ongoing administration for future generations (when needed)