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Lovely Lesvos, the third largest Greek island, has Mytilene as the capital of the island. Mytilene is also the administrative centre of the North Aegean Region. Lesvos lies in the north-east Aegean Sea and is in close proximity and to the north of Chios Island. The earliest lyrical poets of western culture were Arion, Alkaios and poetess, Sappho who came from this island. It is very famous for its rich heritage, landscape and biodiversity. Mytilene has centralized government services as well as an excellent variety of goods and services.

The relaxed atmosphere of Lesvos Island lends quality of lifestyle. One of its relative advantages is the climate which is classified as Mediterranean, dry-summer with mild seasonality. It very rarely rains in the summer therefore giving reliable fine weather. Up until recently, Lesvos has sustained itself with its abundant agricultural sector meaning that the island has conserved its natural beauty and has remained relatively unspoilt. Exactly for this reason, many property buyers and visitors have been attracted to the island. In the last decades, there is a definite trend in citizens of other countries choosing houses for sale or plots of land in one of the many villages or along the seaside. Needless to say, that there are currently excellent property opportunities in and around Mytilene with its characteristically grand architectural classics.

Investing in land on Lesvos is a smart business move. Comparatively low prices means buy now, and   develop now or later if you like. Lesvos is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. There are many tourist attractions all over the island. It has one of the most attractive promenades (of Mytilene) in the whole of Greece, St. Therapon, and the Gattelusi Castle (Genovese; one of the largest of the Mediterranean), just to mention a few in the capital. In recent years, the very significant archaeological ruins of Messa, Moria (Roman Aqueduct) and Thermi have been made more accessible to visitors. Popular places to visit are Molyvos (considered to be one of the top 5 most picturesque spots in Europe), Petra, Eresos, Plomari, Agiasos, Vatera and Sigri. There are many unique museums, old restored olive oil presses, monasteries and churches which are all renowned.   

Only in recent years has Lesvos promoted itself as an ecotourism destination. The Petrified Forest of Sigri, in western Lesvos, is one of the most significant, fascinating and rare monuments of geological heritage in the world. Indeed, it was included in the UNESCO Geoparks Network in 2004 and is a major tourist attraction. The magnificent museum in Sigri has a brilliant and colourful collection of petrified matter. The Petrified Forest was formed in prehistoric time (about 20 million years ago) when volcanic eruptions covered the redwood forest with lava thus fossilizing plant matter in its path. To this day, many impressive huge petrified tree trunks, are found across a large area and in the adjacent sea. Nisiopi Sea Park has been developed attracting many visitors. It is these eruptions that created the two different landscapes of Lesvos Island. In the eastern part, Lesvos is lushly green, mostly with olive groves and pine forests whilst in the western part the scene changes lending awesome, rugged beauty. If walking takes your fancy, there are 31 sign-posted hiking trails to choose from!

With 370 km of coastline, Lesvos is well known for its beautiful long beaches. 10 Lesvos beaches have been awarded the blue flag indicating their high environmental and facility standards.  Hot springs, the wetlands with the thousands of native and migratory birds (attracting bird-watching travellers) and waterfalls are scattered throughout the island. All these natural characteristics behold investment opportunities waiting to be realised.

Lifestyle options on Lesvos are hard to beat. Whether it is sipping on a coffee at a continental café or sporting, your lifestyle will definitely be boosted by the great variety of leisure activities available on Lesvos. Some organised medicinal hot spring bathing spots are right next to the beach offering both warm and cool dips!  Mytilene’s new marina facilitates the most demanding of boaters as well as being a popular place for leisure walks. The nearby sailing club for example offers sailing lessons. There are active clubs and associations in dancing, traditional dancing, choirs, arts and crafts, gyms, hiking, horse-riding, motorcycle, hunting, diving, flying, chess, bridge, photography and football. Sports facilities include Mytilene football and athletics oval, indoor basketball and volleyball courts not to mention new tennis courts. There are football fields all over the island. Boat tours and water sports like scuba-diving, kayaking canoeing, snorkelling windsurfing and kite-surfing are also available. The Aegean University has even more clubs to choose from. The more there is to do in a place, the more reason to invest in it!

The well-respected Aegean University offering modern studies was founded in 1984 and is centred in Mytilene.  The School of the Environment has the Departments of Environment and Marine Sciences. The School of Social Sciences has the Departments of Social Anthropology and History, Geography, Sociology, and Cultural technology & Communication. This prized University also has other schools on the islands of Lemnos, Chios, Samos and Rhodes demonstrating a prototype for administrative organisation. Due to its presence there is an increased demand for housing so all the more reason to invest in a property here.

Finally, the delicious traditional cuisine, is enriched by the wide range of local products this island has to offer. These include prize-winning olive oil, fish, seafood, local meats, all kinds of vegetables and top quality, wines and ouzo. The food here is bound to take you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey and make you love this place even more.

Lesvos has daily connections with the ports of Piraeus (Athens) and Chios and frequent connections with the ports of Kavala and Myrina (Lemnos). There are also port connections to Mykonos, Syros, Patmos, Samos and Ikaria. Numerous connections to other islands are available from Mykonos and Syros.   There are multiple daily flights to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Some days of the week there are flights connecting Lesvos with Thessaloniki and the islands of Rhodes, Crete, Chios, Samos and Limnos. For some months of the year there are direct flight connections with European destinations (e.g. London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam). There are also frequent ferry boat connections with Turkey (port and city of Ayvalık) for day, leisure or business trips.

The whole Lesvos Island experience, leaves people well and truly convinced that Lesvos really is one of the most beautiful Greek Islands. Still affordable real estate here makes this place ideal for property seekers whether it be for commercial or residential purposes.