General Info

General Information on real estate procedures in Greece

  • In this day and age, an intermediating professional real estate agent is necessary for property dealing to assure the correct brokering procedures.
  • In Greece, it is usual that the same real estate agent represents both parties in a property deal.
  • It is recommended that verification of documents is done by professionals (engineers, lawyers, forestry experts etc.) and before any deposits are paid. This is assumed practice for SYNTHESIS Estates. 
  • SYNTHESIS Estates real estate agents inform you on tax obligations towards Greek Authorities.
  • SYNTHESIS Estates is able to inform you on the current property laws concerning E.U. and non-E.U. citizens.
  • SYNTHESIS Estates real estate agents inform you on what is involved in obtaining a residence permit for purchases over 300.000 euros (subject to change) for non-E.U. citizens.
  • After purchasing your property SYNTHESIS Estates can offer you a full range of property management services.