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Aromatic Chios, the Island of Mastic, is the birthplace of Homer and the fifth largest Greek island. Chios belongs to the North Aegean Region lying between Lesvos to the north and Samos to the south in the north-eastern Aegean Sea. The long, rich, nautical history of this Greek island has added to its worldly character. The people of Chios are familiar with globalization for many centuries, captains and shippers bringing back unusual foreign goods with them. The charismatic capital, Chios city, with its fascinating Venetian castle has a very interesting market area around Aplotaria Street providing a wide range of goods and services as well as entertainment.

In the last few decades, Chios has experienced a building spring seeing the tasteful revival of once abandoned villages, Avgonima village being one example.  The property opportunities and experiences that this island can offer satisfy even the most demanding of property searchers.

Chios is blessed with the ideal Mediterranean climate of dry summers, mild winters and mild seasonality.  It is no wonder that outdoor living is a lifestyle here. Amongst the natural beauties of Chios Island are the varying green to mountainous landscapes. Pine forests, mastic shrubbery plots to the south and rugged land make up the Chios puzzle. The numerous beaches with their crystal-clear waters and colourful pebbles are just irresistible. Seaside land plots here are great value for money. Investment interest have the famous medieval villages of Pyrgi, Mesta and Olympoi. Major sights are the monasteries of Nea Moni and Agioi Pateres, locations that attract many visitors.

A few kilometres out of Chios city is the divine region of Kampos. Here is a medieval paradise with many old majestic mansions and estates presenting grand architecture. It is also the most fertile region with many citrus tree groves. At flowering time, it is said that the aroma of the citrus trees is so strong that it can be sensed from the ships still approaching Chios port. Property is in demand here and can only rise in value. Marked real estate activity is also noted in the area of Volissos with its castle, the monastery of Agia Markella and fabulous beach.

Often the products of a place create a motive for property investment. One very special product of Chios is Masticha, exclusively produced on Chios Island and has long been world famous for its culinary and pharmaceutical value. Japan imports a large proportion of its production. Masticha is made of the resin gathered from the “Schinos” shrub. Used for the production of many sweets, alcoholic beverages and refreshments its potential is still growing as more and more new products are being put onto the market. Another important product are citrus fruits. Indeed, the Chios mandarin variety bears on its brand name PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) labelling. Its aromatic oils are also of important commercial value. Other Chios products are olive oil, figs and wine. Multi-coloured handmade ceramics are made in several villages especially, Armolia.

The Aegean University has its School of Economics in Chios City. It is comprised of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Shipping, Trade & Transport and the Department of Financial & Management Engineering. The university creates a need for student housing which makes property investment here well worthwhile.

There’s plenty to do on Chios apart from sightseeing and swimming. There are activities for kids at the Water Park, ten-pin bowling centre and sports clubs. For kids at heart, there is a marine club, diving centre, lots of culture clubs and even an astronomy and a flying club! Football and basketball facilities, boat tours and yachting are also available. For hiking enthusiasts, there are a good number of signalled trails to follow. The more there is to do in a place, the more reason to invest in it!

Chios Island is easily accessible as it has daily connections with Lesvos Island and Piraeus (Athens’s port). It also has connections by plane with the central International Airport of Athens as well as the airports of Thessaloniki and Lesvos. Finally, it gives you the opportunity for an easy visit to Turkey as there are very frequent ferry routes to and from the port and city of Cesme. It is also connected to the small neighbouring islands of Oinousses and Psara.

Chios has held on to its original beauty thanks to its economy being based on the nautical industry and local products. Chios will pleasantly surprise one interested in buying or developing property since the real estate market still offers good value for money here.