Property search, acquisition and sales

* Real estate  services

Nowadays, the services of a real estate agent are becoming increasingly necessary. Our real estate agents have an extensive knowledge of the local and Greek markets and after discussing your exact requirements make identifying the right property for you to buy an easier task. If you are selling, we will help you find the appropriate buyer. Furthermore, if you are looking for a tenant, we will act effectively to find one for you.

SYNTHESIS Estates guides and protects its clientele by ensuring that the correct acquisition/selling/renting process is followed and the necessary contacts are made. All the official documents are verified by our experts in order to make sure that a property title is clear of any complications.

Property valuations are provided by our office. Whether buying or selling it is often an important piece of information also available upon request. 


* Legal services

 - includes property title verification by SYNTHESIS Estates’ associate lawyers

 -We can inform and guide you about the prerequisites of a Residence Permit. 


* Accountancy

-Informing of and processing of taxation obligations

-Issuing of your Greek Tax File Number (Α.Φ.Μ.)

-We can guide you for the opening of a bank account in your name. This is an obligation and can be done on your behalf, on request.



A notary (or solicitor) is required for the preparation of legal papers when buying or selling property. A solicitor is obligatory for the signing of contracts procedure. This can also be done on your behalf with a power of attorney upon request.

An estimation of the total cost of property transfer is:

(solicitor fee + lawyer fee* + tax + land registry authority + real estate agent’s commission).

 *A lawyer is not obligatory for a property transfer although the verification services are recommended. 


* Certification  of Energy Performance

An owner is obligated to have this when they want to sell. Our office is qualified to do these assessments and provide this certification.


* Forestry Authority

Forestry Authority approval is required mainly for buying land outside the zones of City Plan or village limits.


* Translation Services

Non – Greek papers may require translation.

You may want your Greek documents translated into another language.


* Consulting

We are at your service for any advice required concerning property search, acquisition or sales.


Our clients are informed of the estimated costs before the initiation of each project.


 Please lodge a request form with us so that we can determine the criteria of what you are precisely looking for in terms of property type and if you want to buy, lease out or rent a place. We will quickly get back to you with our expert advice.