Whether you are here in Greece or half way around the world we can complete your dream project with the least amount of effort on your part!

For each project we dedicate our expertise and take the time that is needed to determine precisely what it is that our client has in mind.

Our design team draws up the plans (architectural and engineering) for a project.

We obtain all obligatory permits and approvals for you.

Subsequently, our eclectic team of technicians and foremen implement the construction plans.

Our client can closely follow the development process of his/her project with the extensive use of our electronic project management tool, “My Synthesis” platform. Our client actively participates giving instructions wherever needed. Let us give you an example of how it works. When at the stage of tiling a kitchen for instance, we can send photos of tiles available. The client chooses the desired tile so then the tiling process can proceed. A photo of the finished tiling is then shown, all through our platform! It’s that easy!  

The actualization of your project is done with continual supervision and reporting by our designing team. Our attention to detail is what makes the difference and sets our projects apart from the rest. 


The kinds of development projects you want may be:


New Construction

which is the step by step construction of a structure from its foundations to completion.


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General renovation - restoration of old buildings and heritage properties

We take much pride in our work. See our list of technical options.

Leave your renovation project or home improvement to us.

You’ll be glad you did!

Heritage properties have so much potential. They can be revived in so many ways. We are here to show you how.


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Interior Decoration

Beautiful surroundings raise the quality of lifestyle.

We have the experts at hand to tastefully finish the interior of a building.


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In Greece, and more specifically on the islands of the north Aegean, much time is spent living outdoors due to the fine and reliable weather conditions.

That makes the design of outdoor space even more important.

The designing of the exterior grounds of a construction is what is needed to give a property its final presentation.

We have the experts with the knowhow.


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